Colloidal Silver Product Line

All of our lotions and lip balms are ALL NATURAL and infused with Colloidal Silver.  We have product to help cold sores, acne, age spots, fine lines, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, burns, and much more

At Silver Healing… We infuse our daily lotions and lip balms with External Colloidal Silver. We are true believers in nature and the healing powers of natural products. As a society, we are taught that the drugs prescribed by doctors are better than the natural healing products that God put on this earth to use. Have you ever read the side effects for your prescription drugs? They could cause additional problems for you and some could even cause death. Our products are all natural. We will offer the following products…
Internal Colloidal Silver External Colloidal Silver Lip Balm (Vanilla or Honey) – helps prevent and speed healing of cold sores and chapped lips Lotion for dry skin – great for hands, feet and face. Helps speed healing and helps prevent further acne Daily Moisturizer - Helps reduce signs of aging by reducing the appearance age spots. Replenishes moister in your skin. Anti-age Cream - Helps reduce signs of aging by reducing the appearance of age spots and helps reduce fine lines Coming soon......Liquid Soap, Anti-Age Lip Balm & Bath Bombs
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