Essential Oil Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser

Essential Oil Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser

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With this starter kit, you will be introduce to several of our products.  You will receive 1 Diffuser, 12 Essential Oils, 2 pack of our Age Defying Whole Body Supplement, 1 Hand Sanitizer and 1 Household Cleaner

Essential Oils in Starter Kit


Restoring and rejuvenating  
Inspires confidence and courage 
Greet each morning with a positive attitude
Woodsy and grounding aroma, great for massages



Can support overall wellness
Named after herb-carrying grave robbers
5 oils in this blend
Supports a healthy immune system



Promotes a tranquil environment for sleep
Apply to face for healthy looking skin
Nicknamed the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils
Distilled from the flowering tops during summer



Cold-pressed from fruit rinds
Takes 3,000 Lemons to make 2.2lbs of oil
Uplifting, energizing and fresh scent – great for cooking
Your hair, skin and nails will love it – ingest daily



Winter must have!
Creates a cooling sensation
Dilute and apply on chest or throat as needed
Blend of Ravintsara, Lemon, Wintergreen and Eucalyptus Radiata



Pronounced Di-Jize
Blend of 8 different oils
Developed to support digestive health
Drop in water or capsule and consume



Comforts overworked muscles
Blend of 4 oils
Keep your joints happy!
Invigorating minty smell


Citrus Fresh

Blend of 6 oils
Uplifting & refreshing
Rejuvenating clean smell!
Tones and smooths the appearance of skin



Harvest from Young Living’s farm in Oman
Great for your happy heart/mind/soul roller
Earthy, uplifting aroma for grounding &
spiritual connectedness in prayer or meditation



Oldest herb for gastrointestinal health
Highly-regarded for focus and energy
Smooths tired muscles
Steam distilled from leaves and stems


Stress Away

The 11th, BONUS oil!
Unique and pleasant sweet aroma
Has a calming and relaxing scent
Creates a relaxing oasis in a fast-paced world


Peace & Calming

The 12th, BONUS oil!
A gentle, sweet blend
Great to use at bedtime for winding down
Offers a peaceful environment for yoga and meditation


You also receive


NingXia Red

Powerful, whole-body supplement
It’s a sweet and tangy juice
{not marathon-runner goop!}
Highest levels of age defying S-ORAC activity


Thieves Purifier

Quick, convenient, purse-friendly fix
For clean hands anywhere
Infused with Thieves and Peppermint
Cleanses, purifies, and soothes skin


Thieves Cleaner

Concentrated formula
A 1oz sachet of Thieves Cleaner
Safe for everyone and has a fresh and inviting scent
All-purpose cleaner to be used on any surface in your home


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